Collection Issues

  • Know Your Rights Under New Jersey’s Prompt Payment Law
  • New Jersey Law: Providers Can Resubmit Claims after 180 Days Under Certain Circumstances

Corporate Compliance/Risk Management

  • The Value of an Attorney on the Audit Team
  • Corporate Compliance Can Be a Market Differentiator For Health Care Providers
  • Office of the Inspector General Affirms Significant Value of Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Why Play Roulette With The OIG?
  • Whistleblower, Whistleblower — Under What Circumstances Art Thou Protected?
  • Make Your First Corporate Compliance Audit Meetings Successful With These Tips
  • CASE STUDY: Compliance/RM Program Impact on SNF’s Insurance Premium
  • Violations of Compliance Laws and Regulations: To Disclose or Not Disclose?
  • Protecting the Board of Directors: Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance V. A Corporate Compliance Program
  • Satisfying The Office of the Inspector General: Inside or Outside Auditors

Employment and Labor

  • Employees Returning From Military Leave Have Rights to their Former Jobs
  • Americans With Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act and Workers Compensation Laws Overlap
  • To Record or Not to Record? What to Do About Employee Telephone Calls
  • The end of the (consensual) affair: Rejected employee cannot sue for sexual discrimination and harassment
  • A Case Study: Hostile Work Environment: Rumors Do Not Count
  • Case Study: Family Medical Leave Act: You Be The Judge
  • Are arbitration provisions in employment contracts enforceable?
  • Healthcare Provider is Sexually Assaulted by a Patient – Is the Employer Liable?
  • Follow three steps to prevent lawsuits
  • Employees Addicted to Cybersex Put Employers at Risk
  • Voice Print Analysis Used to Track Obscene Phone Messages at Work
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Overtime Requirements
  • Can Whistleblowers Be Fired?
  • Male Physician Fired For Wearing Woman’s Clothes
  • For the record: When must you pay wages of terminated employees?
  • Did Prayer Breaks and Diet Play a Part?
  • Propositioned By Patient
  • Why you should add arbitration agreements to your employment contracts
  • I Wouldn’t Bet On It!
  • Employer loses sexual harassment case because policies were not clear
  • Under What Circumstances Must Overtime Be Paid?
  • ARBITRATION: What Employers Need to Know
  • Why hiring excluded providers is unhealthy for your practice
  • Exception to the Rule: Hiring Excluded Employees
  • Gender Discrimination: Do Women Make the Best Directors of Nurses?
  • Anti-Harassment Programs Must Go Beyond Sexual Harassment to Minimize Liability
  • To Tell or Not to Tell?
  • Why Should I Have An Employee Handbook?
  • Reasonable Self-Policing Expected to Prevent the Sexual Harassment of Employees
  • Sexual Harassment Over The Internet – Is an Employer Liable?
  • Is this Sexual Harassment?
  • Refusing to speak English . . . justified termination?


  • Analyzing Employees’ Roles Helps Determine Amount of Protected Health Information to Disclose
  • Are your clearinghouses ready for HIPAA compliance?
  • Does every fax need a cover sheet?
  • Does Our Facility Need a Privacy Officer in Addition to a Fraud and Abuse Compliance Officer?
  • Effective Compliance With HIPAA Requires More Than Initial Training
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountablity Act
  • HIPAA Disclosures – “Emergencies” are Exceptions to Privacy Requirements
  • HIPAA Patient Privacy
  • How Do You Protect Patient Privacy While Preventing Contagious Diseases from Spreading?
  • How To Minimize The Risks Of Leaving Protected Health Information In Telephone Messages
  • Just How Bad Is It To Sell Patient Privacy?
  • Privacy Officer Role
  • Privacy, Security and Compliance Officers: Who’s Responsible for What?
  • Suspended for HIPAA Violation
  • Where Do You Begin – The Need to Identify Individually Identifiable Health Information

In The News

  • Fraud Doesn’t Pay
  • Medical Records Subpoenas
  • New Jersey Healthcare Transport Firm – Fraud Results in Prison
  • Selling Your Practice

Law Suits

  • Anatomy Of A Lawsuit
  • Employers Face Unlimited Punitive Damages Plus Expanded Areas Of Liability For Whistleblowers
  • Insurance Nonpayment Equates To Fraud
  • Our Law Firm Handles Litigation and Transactions

Legal Briefs

  • Hospital Visitors Are Liable for Injuries Suffered While Observing Procedures

Quality Assurance/Fraud and Abuse

  • Almost Board Certified
  • Avoid Risk of False Claims by Carefully Documenting All Items or Services Rendered
  • But I Thought Only Medicare / Medicaid Were Interested In Fraud!
  • Defending The Healthcare Provider Against Allegations Of Corporate Criminal Liability
  • Disruptive Physicians May Cause Compliance Risk
  • Former or Current Employees Pose Greater Risk to Providers than the Federal or State Governments
  • Is it ever alright to make changes in the records of nursing home resident?
  • Joint Ventures and Possible Kickback Concerns
  • Real Situations What to do if… Your Business Manager Uncovers Fraudulent Upcoding
  • Remember To Enter Into Contracts With Temporary Nursing Agencies
  • Retaliatory Discharge
  • Theft by Deception
  • Transitioning from Employee to Partner
  • What To Do Before Declaring Medicare “Bad Debt”

Quality of Care

  • Quality Of Care Centered Corporate Compliance Program: The Best Defense Not Only Against The OIG, But Also Against A Patient’s Personal Injury Attorney
  • Will the OIG use persistent pain as an indicator of substandard care?
  • The Feds Make Quality of Care in Nursing Homes a Top Priority
  • Inspector General Focuses On Quality of Patient Care At Nursing Homes