Compliance Counseling and Defense

Our firm has prioritized corporate compliance programs since 1998.  Our attorneys create and implement effective compliance programs. An effective compliance program is essential  to help protect clients from government investigation before a governmental fraud investigation occurs to help minimize the risk of potentially ruinous federal and state enforcement actions. An effective compliance program can provide protection for a healthcare provider by minimizing the risk of a healthcare provider suffering  harsher penalties or stricter sentences. Our firm’s compliance programs are designed to be flexible and cost-effective for development and implementation.

Our compliance programs are tailored to conform to applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Some but not all of the areas that our compliance counseling and defense focus on include:

  • Representation before federal and states Offices of Inspector General (OIG) in connection with investigations and potential negotiation regarding corporate integrity agreements
  • Creation and tailoring corporate policies including but not limited to: code of conduct; duties of compliance and privacy officers; employee training; reporting of non-compliance; records management; patient confidentiality;  human resources; reimbursement and billing procedures; as well as many others
  • In-depth training on policies and addressing specific vulnerabilities or areas of non-compliance
  • Periodic assessments as to effectiveness of the compliance program as well as health regulatory due diligence reviews to determine the effectiveness of the program