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Fraud, Wast and Abuse Counseling

Fraud, Wast and Abuse Counseling

Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Counseling

Business and professional conduct within the healthcare industry are governed by many regulations.

The team of healthcare attorneys and healthcare professionals at Barmak and Associates, LLC, takes a proactive approach, because we understand that allegations of fraud, waste and abuse can be extremely harmful to our clients’ reputations and could lead to suspension or revocation of their professional licenses and/or litigation.

Our firm provides counsel regarding all healthcare matters to reduce liability and maximize risk management on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Deficit Reduction Act
  • Qui tam/whistleblowing
  • Anti-kickback statutes
  • False Claims Act


Our knowledgeable lawyers prepare policies and procedures that ensure our clients comply with the ever-changing state and federal healthcare laws and regulations. We also conduct audits to confirm they have properly implemented our recommendations, and we teach them how to audit themselves so they can be confident in crucial matters, such as compliance and risk management.

Our healthcare fraud, waste and abuse attorneys have significant experience investigating allegations of abuse. If a violation is detected, we create a plan of corrective action and counsel our clients regarding methods of reporting that reduce the possibility of litigations by family members or government entities. We aggressively defend the rights of our clients through mediation and litigation. We also assist facilities with appeals associated with previous cases.

Whether you are dealing with fraud, waste and abuse compliance issues, the threat of litigation, government investigations, or an appeal, we can answer your questions and help you explore your options. Contact us to arrange a private meeting with our healthcare lawyers.